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7. Deathly Silence and Conspiracy Against Me

The Deathly Silence and Conspiracy by Kings of Sciences Against Real Atlantis

Real coordinates of Mount Meru and Aryan Pyramid from well-known Azorean islands: Santa Maria and Sao Miguel.    
     Economical, political, scientific, Religious etc. .. center of the antediluvian world was in the pre-flood metropolis. This famous city had been built on the Mount Meru [ŋhieru], in the unapproachable fortress - Atlantis. According the  antediluvian Aryan maps prime meridian of the pre-flood world passed over the Mount Meru.
       There are discovered lots of false Atlantis all around the world and similar "discoveries" are in progress... Soon every country would have "own" Atlantis, except Portugal and the Azores. In spite of those falsifiers, within the real sunken Atlantis isles area is discovered Aryan track as well. This is a giant Aryan pyramid that is sunken between the Azorean Terceira and Sao Miguel Isles
       For decades scientific community led by scientific dragons, show ostrich position only, against ground breaking discoveries. These scientists are well informed where the real Atlantis isles are sunken on the underwater Azorean plateau  in the middle of Atlantic Ocean... Modest merit in this intellectual battle for the real Atlantis belongs to my publications as well. I've been waiting 21 years and thinking that the deathly silence on Azorean Atlantis will end and eventually whole World will understand anything about the real Atlantis.  in 1970s I have known that the 10 Atlantis isles are sunken in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, beyond the pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar). When I was studying in the USSR school in 1970s I had no suspect about the Atlantis existence and its real sunken area, within the Azores triply junction zone.
In spite of falsifiers amateur video against Azorean pyramid vividly show pyramidal 
form on the mount in the real coordinates of the Azorean Aryan pyramid. I want to note 
that the amateur video uses natural hydro-logical image of the sea-bad made by sonar.

     Big Brother (scientific dragons) ordered informational war against Azorean Aryan Pyramid and in the mass media immediately appeared reports about "fake" discovery by "amateur" person. This "amateur" person is a professional fisher and had professional scientific sonar. More than half century Big Brother wants to hide real Atlantis from mankind. Development of scientific equipment shows ground-breaking discoveries against scientific dragons. They will not prevent these discoveries in future. 
      Big Brother began from Portugalian language and soon many people by native languages will understand about false discovery of the Azorean Aryan pyramid.
        Actually video clips and publications against Azorean Aryan pyramid are made by slaves of money that are dilettantes in the geology. We have to wait next amateur clips and publications against Azorean Aryan pyramid. 
        As seen on the image, coordinate of the Azorean Aryan pyramid is replaced to the nearest volcanic mount and dangerous riff  "Dom João de Castro". Peak of the Riff is too close to water surface - 13,8m and can destroy each big ship. 
  According the Google-Earth, Peak of "Dom João de Castro" has wrong deepness - 277m. Of course this is wrong deepness. Actually we found irrefutable proof about falsifications in the Google Earth program. Well-known insolently distortion natural sonar images of the Google Earth program was ordered by Big Brother, to save fake scientific epoch and to prevent the Atlantis discovery.
Distance from mount of the pyramid to the riff 33,970m. - almost 34km. 
Coordinate of the riff:
N  38 - 13' 03.13"
W 26 - 34' 39.56"
Coordinate of the Pyramidal mount:
N 38 - 11' 22.57" 
W 26 - 11' 30.14"   
       Sonar is almost exact scientific aquipment and can not make mistake 34 kilometres. Amateur Videos and publications about “wrong” Azorean pyramid is ordered by Big Brather and this is next fake try to save false scientific epoch and to prevent the Atlantis discovery
         Slaves of Big Brother want to try to save false scientific epoch and prevent the Atlantis discovery, by using fake amateur videos and false publications. Similar falsifications can be ordered by Big Brother only and oriented to usually persons. They want to prevent next publications about the Azorean Aryan pyramid in the mass media. Thus…. it was a “false discovery”… that is “proved”…..???.... for usually persons…
      In the amateur video deepness to the peak of Azorean pyramid from 40 meter replaced to 540 meter, with special error 34 km, from the real point of the sunken Aryan artifact,  for the temporarily triumph in the false scientific epoch...
     Big Brother i.e. scientific dragons earned huge money and created huge false scientific epoch. Of course they will fight for own false. Duping games in the mass media are very important for the dragons. 
      Age of the Azorean Aryan pyramid has easy dating axiom by using good knowledge of the forgotten history. We know exactly that the scientific equipment of the Fisher showed almost exact dating phenomena - Azorean pyramid is oriented to the modern geographical poles. Orientation to the modern geo-poles rejects pre-flood origin for this Pyramid. 
        I want to confirm approximately date - 10450-10400b.c.  Now we know exactly that the last apocalypse happened in 10465b.c. and souls of hundreds of millions Atlantian and the other Areal Aryans went in the sky.  Good knowledge on post-flood tectonic (isostatic) readjustment allows me to say that the survived Aryans decided to build their reincarnation portal on the one of the survived Atlantis' peaks here. After the last apocalypse (10465b.c.) survived many Aryan ships and powerful technological equipment to make stone flour from the rocks. 
        1. Survived Aryans could carve a huge pyramid from the big mount of the smaller island here.
       2. Survived Aryans could bring enormous amount limestone flour by ships here on the smaller island to build pyramid within 10-15 years. Traditionally the Aryans pyramidal technologies were interrelated to limestone flours and limestone megaliths. To defend pyramids from windy and rain erosion in the pyramidal shells Aryans usually used ready reddish megaliths of granite and its flours. From flours of stones Aryans could make any megalith and Art Masterpiece including shells of pyramids. If the pyramidal frame had a different color Aryans painted pyramid by red color. Of course reincarnation portal for the hundreds of millions of souls should be red - bloody color only. Unfortunately the island with Aryan pyramid is sunken, due to tectonic readjustments for post-flood millenniums and needs detail investigation.     
     This stone world map (b) was found in 1984, while gold digging in Ecuador, in an underground tunnel system with other 350 artifacts, which do not really fit any known and existing South American pre-Columbian culture.
      My dating for many sensational artifacts from Ecuador, is interrelated to the post-flood boundary (10400b.c.) as a minimum. The Stone Map (b) is most important pre-flood artifact here among other ancient artifacts.  The Stone  Map is an amazing irrefutable proof on real Atlantis, against the modern false scientific epoch. Antediluvian world on the stone globe is engraved roughly but understandable.
      Someone obviously didn't want that the world ever know about this sensational artifacts. Why the information about this stone map and other artifacts appeared in the media after 26 years in 2010...??? During this time in the collection appeared fake artifact - free-masonic 13 step pyramid with eye... The stone map vividly show that the author was not a professional cartographer. An unknown cartographer forgot two small islands of Atlantis: Pluto and Ammon and seven smaller isles of Persephone.The main island of Atlantis Poseidia is engraved correctly east of Northern America, but too close to South America, because the scale is too over-shifted.
         I think that the Greenland on my map (a) takes too much place, by comparison to its antediluvian size.  The main island of Atlantis - Poseidia is engraved roughly, without complying with the basic rules of copying. On the opposite side of the stone globe engraved Eurasian continent, Africa & Australia. The Indonesian Isles and many other small islands ancient author did not  pay attention. Modern  land chain from the Kamchatka, to the Philippines archipelago did not exist on the pre-flood globe. This land chain is uplifted pre-flood mid-ocean ridge (MOR). This land chain was formed by uplifted MOR and on the maps of survived Aryans appeared only after the global continental drifting (10465b.c.). Yellow spot on the stone map shows the small island, which roughly corresponds to the coordinates of Eastern island. Underwater plateau around Eastern Island is formed within triply junction area that is too unstable geological zone.The stone map is the irrefutable proof about the ~1000 km long pre-flood island, under the modern Eastern Island. Here, in the triply junction zone is connected three lithosphere plates and this is volcanically and tectonically very active region. The main island of Atlantis Poseidia also situated on the triply junction zone and was tectonically and volcanically very active region.
           As a result of the global drifting, under influence  of powerful and catastrophic  tectonic forces,  temporarily uplifted these two triply junction zones (Poseidia and Mu) lost support by other lithosphere platforms and submerged into the water. Survived only some peaks of their high volcanic mountains, which are known as Azores and Easter Isles.
      In the name - "Easter Island" encrypted information about the possibility of reincarnation of the sunken island - "The Island that is awaiting own reincarnation". The name "MU" I have chosen  according the legendary land. I am convinced that this land was in the Pacific Ocean and submerged in 10465B.C. I am sure that I do not made any mistake...

 K. Margiani.
-Egyptologist and Atlantologist.
-Founder of Cosmogeological science.
-First Expert in the World on Atlantis.
-Expert of Pre-dynastic Cartouches.
-Founder of New Egyptology 

-Expert of Forbidden and Forgotten Hystory

"The Forgotten Nuclear War Near The Post Flood boundary ~10400-10350b.c."

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