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1.  Supersonic and Reactive Crafts of the Atlantis Planetary Empire
2.  Three Greatest Pharaohs of the Pre-dynastic Free Egypt!
3.  The Important Capitol Hill of the Pre-flood Planetary Empire Atlantis!
4.  Apocalypse and Temporary Independence in Egypt!
5. Who Recorded the Dates of Last Three Apocalypses in Ankhor Wat? 
6. The Aryan Phenomenal Astronomical Dating By Peak of OrioN (PON)!


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Pre-Flood Civilization – Atlantis
Into Russian: http://www.cosmogeology.ge/russian-page.htm
Into English: http://www.cosmogeology.ge/english-page.htm


"The Forgotten Nuclear War Near The Post Flood boundary ~10400-10350b.c."
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1. First unique book of the sensational trilogy: -



2. Second unique book of the sensational trilogy: -



My third book is dedicated to forgotten and forbidden history as well. The secrets of the survived Atlantis treasures are interrelated to terrible histories. Survived military vehicles (including atomic) have been captured by the Aryan potentate from Elephant City (Delhi). Nuclear war From Delhi ~(10400-10350)B.C. began to capture the survived Atlantis treasures worldwide. Eventually Delhi became Metropolis of the destroyed and exterminated world. They robbed each Aryan settlement worldwide and killed all who opposed the invaders from Elephant City. Global banditries and anarchy produced lots of pirates groups and criminal gangs all around the Earth.  You’ll understand sensational news – How the "Soviet Bear" USSR was robbing sunken Atlantis Isles in 1970s and 1980s... 

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