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11. Judgment Day is Coming!

11. Judgment Day is coming!

Many ancient investigators and modern intellectuals have tried to unravel the mystery. Unsuccessful predictions and dating for the apocalyptic event stretched from the middle ages to the present day. Last Judgment Day the whole world was waiting in 2012. Future dating for the Apocalypse stretches for few hundred years. By using best database and good knowledge of the geological science and knowledge in forbidden history of mankind, I can say that this is an epochal very serious and terrible tragedy. Apocalypse will happen ASAP. The minimum threshold for our civilization cycle is several decades and the maximum - a few hundred years. Even the famous genius Newton was trying to solve the puzzle and calculated by using different sources – 2060y. Some investigators future Apocalypse associated to asteroidal or cemetery impact. Others predicted volcanic eruptions and powerful attack the huge water waves on the continent. In reality these events are interrelated under ruling of powerful internal geological forces.
1. Apocalyptic eruption of magmatic fluids from lower Magmatic Ocean (E) in the Upper Magmatic Ocean (B), through the solid mantle layers (C; D). 2. Conventional notation of internal Geo-spheres in the Geological science. 3. The yellow lines show most hottest areas of the oceans, along the mid-ocean ridges, where magma comes very close to the surface of the lithosphere plates. 4. The black outline shows the main sunken island of Atlantis - Poseida, at the three junction zone boundery of huge lithospheric plates in front of the Gibraltar.
        Ten sunken Atlantis Isles in front of the Gibraltar and the Pre-flood prime meridian (red line) which passed over the famous Mount Mery [nieru]. Mount Meru was the center of the pre-flood world, before 10465b.c, where the epochal Aryan ruler Poseidia built impregnable citadel – “Atlantis”. Now mount Meru is sunken between the Azores Islands - Sao Miguel and Santa Maria.

        Impacts of Asteroidal (cemetary) chunks are the powerful detonator forces, for the Apocalyptic events. Each impact of large chunk causes powerful seismic waves in the Upper Magmatic Ocean (B) under the lithosphere platforms (A)
Upper Magmatic Ocean (E). There is quite enough, even the one most powerful nuclear explosion and the geological apocalyptic mechanism to destroy whole biota will turn on…. Thus, without any "help" by an asteroidal (cometary) impact, we can completely finish our civilization cycle as silly as it did the Aryan scientists from Atlantis Isles. Let me say to you that the brain volume of the Aryan scientists was almost twice great by comparison our Great Minds. 2.5-3.0m tall Aryans’ intellectual skills exceed many times as well. Normal growth of the Aryans’ Titans was 2.5m,. Their scientists launched a powerful nuclear craft toward the Earth’s second small asteroidal moon - "Fata" (Phaeton). This Fatal error finished by Fatal result - Apocalypse in 10465b.c. Huge crushed chunks of Fata
with the supersonic speed collided our planet and started inner injections by the apocalyptic geological mechanism.
             The first drawing represents a terrible, powerful geological mechanism at the Aquarius apocalyptic boundary (23214B.C.). Due to counter rapid drifting of all continents around the Atlantic Ocean, the Mid-Atlantic ridge around the Azores triply junction zone lifted vertically from the depths of the ocean to a distance of two kilometers. This caused a huge tsunami over the north Atlantic coastal zone up to two kilometers. Atlantic waters reached the Caucasus Mountains. This greatest tragedy (Global Deluge) is known in history as the Noah's Flood.

          The second drawing represents the powerful geological mechanism at the Leo’s apocalyptic boundary (10465B.C.). Rapid drifting of all continents increases sea-bed, around the Atlantic Ocean. Due to opposite directions drifting fully destroyed whole Atlantic sea-bed. Thin lithosphere plates lost support on the thick continental plates. We see that the thick continental plates are drifting simultaneously on the oceans of magma and water. Thin lithosphere plates are drifting over the magmatic ocean, but without support by other plates can not drifting on Water Ocean, due to laws of physics. Clouds over the water ocean shows a rapid evaporation event of the water, from Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic water in the fissures of the lithosphere plates regards to the surface of red-hot Magmatic Ocean with quick evaporation.

        Modern knowledge makes it possible to describe exactly in detail almost everything about the future Apocalypse. A powerful detonation Geo-spheres on the Earth's crust 
(A) will create lots of powerful seismic waves in the upper Magmatic Ocean (B). Enormous pressure though crust, from the detonation point will upset equilibrium, between the most powerful pressure forces, around the solid mantle layers (C; D). Solid Geo-spheres of Mantle (C; D) is now balanced by the catastrophic pressure forces from upper (B) and lower (E) Magmatic Oceans. Incandescent magmatic fluids will start eruptions through huge cracks and fissures of solid mantle layers (C; D). Powerful eruptions from the Lower magmatic ocean (E) into Upper magmatic Ocean (B) can cause lots of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Because of huge apocalyptic magmatic streams beneath the crust, all continents will began drifting quickly in different directions. The width of the Atlantic Ocean will be reduced ~100 km as a minimum. Accordingly, drifting will increase width of the Pacific Ocean. All 10 Atlantis isles will appear again above the sea level. Relief of all 10 isles will be different of course. Of course, around the Iceland will reappear huge island with different relief. Main part of Greenland will sunk again and only its smaller part will not sunk. Under the sea level will appear: Hawaii, Aleutian Islands, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Japanese islands, the Philippines, many islands of Indonesia and Canada. California peninsula once again will break away from North America and will become an island. Most part of the UK also can sunk under the sea level. In the Northern Ocean will disappear almost all islands, but above sea level will appear a huge hyperborean peninsula with topographical changing. Around Easter Island reappear great Aryan island Mu in another relief. Around the Archipelago Penope will reappear largest island with sunken Aryan city Nan Madol. Disappearance of many modern islands, peninsulas and coastal zones will change Earth’s relief fully.  Powerful rapid global drifting can create many new islands and archipelagos. Aryan majestic pyramid complex Pleiades, in the north of New York City
once again will appear above the sea level.

      a). Alteration of Earth's relief after the last apocalypse. b). Antediluvian map made by unprofessional cartographer on round-shaped stone. The map represents Aryan Islands: Pacifida (Mu), the main island of Atlantis Poseidia and part of Greenland. You can also observe contours of South America and North America without the northern archipelago.

         South Atlantic shores will attack several hundred meters high tsunamis. The north Atlantic shores will cover huge tsunamis, up to two kilometers. All the other coastal zones of the oceans will be attacked by tsunamis of several hundred meters up to two kilometers. Powerful global flood will cover lower levels around the Andes and the northern Cordilleras. Through the low pass of Andes Pacific water waves will overwhelm all East areas over the South America. Thus both continents of America will be attacked by huge apocalyptic water streams from all sides. The terrible apocalyptic water streams will cause almost 90 percent inevitable extinction event. Within North America, only one percent of living beings can survive. Apocalyptic waters will attack Africa from both sides as well. Within low valleys and over the coastal zones of Africa is anticipated 100 percent extinction. In Africa most reliable area for the survival is the wide area of Ethiopian mountains and within South America high boundaries of Andes.
         In low areas and over the coastal zones of Europe is anticipated almost 100 percent extinction. Most reliable area in Europe for the survival is high mountains of Alps, north mountains of the Balkan area and the Carpathian Mountains. The lower boundaries of the Alps will become sew for the Balkan area and the Carpathian Mountains. Biota within the northern mountains of the Balkan Peninsula has good chance for the survival. Over the coastal zones of Asia and the surrounding low areas Is anticipated 100 percent extinction event as well. The most reliable areas within Asia is high frontiers of the Caucasus Mountains, Altai Mountains and the Himalayas as well as Siberian territory in the north side of Altai Mountains. Within These reliable areas will be survived most living creatures.
           Australia will be covered completely by the apocalyptic waters. Long stay on the apocalyptic waters can help many animals to save life all around the Earth...

        a). Alteration of Earth's relief after the last apocalypse. b). White circle indicates the Hyperborean peninsula on the Aryan antediluvian map. c). White circle indicates the sunken Hyperborean peninsula on the modern Google map.

      Of course global rapid continental drifting will cause powerful earthquakes, volcanoes. Huge defotmations within wide sea-beds can create powerfull tsunamis all around the Earth. Alongside lots of awaken volcanoes, rapid tectonic changing can form many new volcanoes over the sea-beds and land platforms. All the cities of the Earth before the water attacks will be destroyed by terrible earthquakes. Boiling waters over the mid-ocean ridges and new fissures will boil alive water creatures, due to powerful outpouring of incandescent magmatic streams. Alive boiling of water creatures causes rapid outpouring over the fissure zones.
        Failed security systems in the nuclear power plants due to powerful apocalyptic earthquakes can not prevent their explosions. Suspend and destroyed power supplies bring down security software in the nuclear power plants. Powerful nuclear explosions on many nuclear power plants will cause global poisoning by radioactive elements. For a week, after the Apocalypse water in the World Ocean will return to new equilibrium. Continents with different relief and the oceans would cover billions of dead bodies of the ethereal and aquatic creatures. Many people who manage to survive terrible death will die from various epidemic diseases and radiation poisoning. For many years, sky all around the Earth will cover the huge black clouds - a mixture of water vapor and volcanic gases. Average temperature of the oceans will rise around 5-20 degrees.
           After the Apocalypse glaciers in the Southern Hemisphere will overcome tropical zone. Aryans’ postdiluvian map (~10450b.c.) can confirm that. If the Bering Strait will expand warm Gulf-Stream can form Trans-ocean stream through northern ocean. Form Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and the ice cap at the North Pole will disappear completely. Many survivors will die by postdiluvian cold and hunger and many survivors will start cannibalism. Well known that the “hungry man is the worse predator."
          Usually each similar Apocalyptic drifting causes displacement of Geographic poles of 1000 to 1500km. Powerful fiery streams within the Lower magmatic Ocean (E) will rotate the inner metallic and magnetic core (G) up to 180 degrees. It causes reversal and recovery of the global magnetic field. The north and south magnetic poles will change places and the magnetic field at the poles can be exceed 200 mils-tesla.
          We have to forget wars and confrontations to return peaceful coexistence. The arms race and ambitions different rulers require huge money with deplete economy system. Super-modern military technology needs lots of money. We need to build reliable floating (drifting) cities in the oceans. These cities apocalyptic attack can survive many people. From the political strategies is necessary to remove the hidden persecution of different nations against each other. It was called in the Roman politics shortly - "Divide and Conquer". We are guests of the Earth for an insignificant moment and all our precious stones and metals the Earth returns back in its bowels …
Floating Cities of the Future

"The Forgotten Nuclear War Near The Post Flood boundary ~10400-10350b.c."

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