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4. Apocalypse and Temporary Independence in Egypt

4. Apocalypse and Temporary 
 Independence in Egypt

        To understand better the material you have to read the previous publication from the link:
       First ruler Dynasty of independent Egypt by post-Flood boundary, created lots of evidences to us. Falsifications have no boundaries in the pseudo-scientific field, so called Egyptology. We found many amazing falsifications in the official Egyptology.
Primordial Abu Simbel
        Falsifiers of history and Egyptology most majestic Pharaoh by post-Flood boundary - Atlantian Hermes II, long ago announced as a Rameses II. So they have stolen over 9000 years, in the real History of Mankind. Our main goal - to return Atlantis in history. There is no eternal mystery - The human brain is able to broken out any artificial barriers around secrets and mysteries.
        Until now had been thought that the complex - Abu Simbel in Egypt was carved in the dynastic era. "One of the temples, big, was erected in honor of King Ramses II; another small - in honor of his first wife, Queen Nefertari. Rock located on the west bank of the Nile, which are carved two famous ancient temples during the reign of Ramses II (ca. 1298 ÷ 1213B.C.). "Complexes located in Nubia, 280 km south of Aswan.

Judgment – Dead, Conquering of the not subordinate ruler by future Hermes I
       If, in the Abu Simbel dynastic pharaohs restored something, it does not mean that this Art Masterpiece of post-Flood boundary (~ 10,465 ÷ 10400B.C.). was built in the dynastic epoch (~ 1298 ÷ ​​1213B.C.) ...???
       We are now in a curious impasse for the historical science and other sciences as well. So do not strange. There are no proofs in Abu Simbel about dynastic “builder” Ramses II. This is a common curiosity for our falsified scientific epoch but it is a fact! Ramses II produced restorations of many artifacts built by Gods (Atlantians).
       Cartouches of the temple complex Abu Simbel gives conclusive evidence that the magnificent construction began the first independent Pharaoh by post-flood boundary - Hermes I. Eventually modern view formed by third pharaoh - Hermes III. Hermes III has made changes in the elements of interior and exterior design. Everything is written on the walls, but we have to know real meaning of hieroglyphs, especially   hieroglyphs of cartouches. 
       Cartouches of the temple complex Abu Simbel shows that the first pharaoh had no status of Hermes I, when he began war, against “honey country” (Upper Egypt) and construction of Abu Simbel. He was still young and did not have the status of a majestic God and supreme priest (Hermes). According to pre-flood tradition - Future rulers all around the world have to study in a special Shrine (school) which was called "The Shrine of the noble potentates." The school founded the Supreme Priest of the early developed left-handed race - Moloch (Baal) in the era of Scorpio (~ 15500B.C) in the Area of Lions the Capital of the Area and First Pre-Flood Empire became Baalbek. Terrain around eastern shores of Mediterranean was known  as a Area of Lions, in the huge first pre-flood empire of Baalbek. The first empire had been destroyed by Atlantis ~14350B.C. After the second war Atlantians called their destroyed motherland as a Holy Land [Terra Saneta].
     "The Shrine of the noble potentates", in more understandable language was antediluvian institution for training of governmental Masons - terrestrial rulers (areal kings),  ... no stonecutter! “Masons” have an amazing allegorical language. In reality mason means King, not masters to cut stone!  Today Supreme Masons are real kings of the world. They have huge financial resources to rule world. In "The Shrine of the noble potentates", future noble (blue-blooded) rulers studied their rights and what to do required for the pre-flood Metropolis. For the pre-flood supreme potentate, was required order of the colonies without riots. They had to basically satisfy demand of Metropolis in agricultural products, rare and precious metals and other ores. Instead the Metropolis can send in the areas (colonies) desired technique.
       We have incontrovertible evidence, the future Pharaoh Hermes I, had to subdue some rebellious areal rulers. He eventually became the potentate of the vast territory, from the southern borders of the tributaries of the Nile to the delta, and his cartouche was graced by the famous couple of characters - Upper and Lower Egypt – Poppy and Bee on  the semi-circles. Poppy was sign of Lower Egypt. Bee – Upper Egypt. semi-circle – half of the country – Egypt.
           Dynastic pharaohs used only character - Poppy [mak]. Dynastic pharaohs knew that the Honey Country - Bee "flew" from the Egypt long ago - in the reign of Hermes IV ~ (10,400 ÷ 10350B.C.) ... Thus Dynastic pharaohs lost forever the right to confirm their information and cartouches with the famous couple of hieroglyphs - Bee on the semicircle (Upper Egypt). I can show you as a conclusive evidence well-known - "Saqqara King List".
        Since bee "flew" long ago from the united Egypt, dynastic pharaohs invented new designation of Lower Egypt - Hieroglyphics "semicircle", "Poppy-[mak]" and "Water" for the all dynastic pharaohs. Hieroglyphics are the conclusive evidence that the possession of the Pharaohs was spreading just over half the kingdom (Lower Egypt) and over the sea.    

The Saqqara Kings List
The Abidos Kings List
         Modern Egypt is the only part - of ancient Lower Egypt. Abu Simbel which at the time was situated Hermes in the Lower Egypt became magnificent artifact of Nubian. We have irrefutable proof - because of dispersion of Negroid tribes from the south, the southern border of Lower Egypt permanently moved to the north and now modern Egypt is the only part - of ancient Lower Egypt. As for the ancient honey country - Ethiopia, these territories are now divided between: Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea, Congo, Kenya and Uganda. Ethiopia itself is only a small part of Upper Egypt - "Country of Honey". Efio in Coptic means - honey.

 Modern Abu Simbel
      Ancient Egyptian priests knew better, by comparison of our scientists. Independence in Egypt was interrelated to Apocalypse. Three days in late October were treated equally to Beginning - 21, 22 and 23 October and interrelated to astronomical year - 365.25 days. During the four years, one of those days, sunlight reaches deep wall of the main temple at Abu Simbel, where sits the pharaoh of Independent Egypt - Hermes. Simultaneously Sun light has alignment over the "Causeway". "Causeway" is the megalithic way on the Giza Plateau, of average pyramid to Sphinx. Thus Sun light on the Giza Plateau, confirms the birth date of the Egyptian kingdom, at the late October, as recorded at Abu Simbel.
       The Giza complex had been built not only for the independence of Egypt. The magnificent complex is sacred to victims of the Apocalypse – lots of souls, victims of the last cycle of civilization. In the Giza complex is written exact date of Atlantis destruction, by stellar coordinates. In the amazing project by Thrice Majestic Hermes II, Sphinx had been interrelated to epoch of Apocalypse – Leo. Sphinx had natural size of lion and had of Horus. Sphinx had own name in the project by Thrice Majestic Hermes –"Horus on the horizon."

        Epochal Lion – primordial Sphinx, 
"Horus on the horizon."
Weathering Vividly Sows that the Head of the Epochal Lion Had Been Cut (re-cut) in the Dry Dynastic Epoch.

         In addition we have conclusive evidence that the original form of the Sphinx had a head of Horus. Proof is written on the "Dream Stela" between the paws of the Sphinx - in the hieroglyph  "Horus on the horizon." On the "Dream Stela" Sphinx by plain text "tells" to young prince - "I”m Horus ..."
        You will not believe but there is circumstantial evidence by the official "Egyptologists". Chief forger Egyptology - Mark Lerner, who has long studied the Sphinx concluded that ... Sphinx shows both characters pharaoh as well as God. You will not believe that, but the nomination by Lerner is perfectly supreme for the god of ancient Atlanto-Hamitic people (ancient Egyptians) Horus. Other indirect evidence is the assertion by official "Egyptologists" that the Sphinx considered in Egypt as the Sun God. Sphinx worshiped in Egypt as the Sun God Horus. "Egiptologists" well-informed and confident that the Sphinx is the Horus on the horizon.
          Atlantian scientist knew what proportion is a Lion and had no shortage of stone. Elongated shape of the huge Sphinx and deep water erosion on its walls for open-minded people is the clear evidence that the Sphinx was created long before Dry dynastic era of the pharaohs. Rains destroyed the walls around Sphinx as well as huge body of the Epochal Lion. Scientists have found multi-stage restoration tracks on the body of Sphinx. During post-flood millenniums Rains could destroy the limestone body. It is clear that the body repeatedly leveled and hewing rough places. Because of the multiple repairs epochal lion completely lost the original aspect ratio. Sphinx did not lost primordial length; there are added new pieces of limestone by using clay mortar. These primitive restorations have fixed primordial length. Recovery of the body by this way was very time-consuming work for the primitive working personnel of dynastic pharaohs. Hewing rough places of light limestone was too easier. So, multi stage dynastic “restorations” produced modern, disproportionate elongated shape of Epochal Lion. Images made in XIX-century head of the Epochal Lion clearly show very little erosion caused by wind erosion (weathering). This is a clear evidence for the open-minded people, conclusive evidence about restoration in the dry dynastic epoch. So, the head of Epochal Lion had been cut (re-cut) in the dynastic era. Dynastic restoration rejuvenated the Epochal Lion almost ~ 8000 years. The head did not show rain erosions - wavy structures, which confirms that the head of Sphinx was restored (re-cut) in dry dynastic era. We have evidences that an important primitive restoration made by Pharaoh known as the Cheops (Khufu).
          Hermes Trismegistus led Egypt in very difficult times - after the apocalypse 10,465 BC. Famous complex at Giza was built by technical and intellectual helping other surviving colonies of Atlantis. Majestic complex of Giza was written tragic day of apocalypse in 10,465 B.C, by using the important stellar coordinates of Orion and Leo.
1. Three majestic pyramids are a mirror image of Orion's belt on the Giza Plateau, at the time of Apocalypse (10465B.C.), When the rising Sun appeared on the horizon, at the late October, near the constellation of Leo.
2. Epochal Lion - Sphinx shows epoch of Apocalypses of course.
3. The megalithic road (causeway) from the average pyramid to the Sphinx shows sunrise in the beginning of last apocalypse. The Sun is aligned periodically over the road at the late October: 21, 22 and 23. 12,477 (2012+10.465) years ago, during the three days 21, 22 and 23 of October, continued strong global earthquake and enormous deformations of the major and minor lithosphere platforms, which spawned the tsunamis from a hundred meters to kilometers.
        Atlantians believed that the souls entering in the pyramids become Gods. Teotihuacán correctly translated as "The place where souls become to God." The same can be said of all the pyramids in the world. Hermes Trismegistus on the Giza Plateau deified uncountable souls, victims of apocalypse - departed Atlantians. Primitive natives around the world believed that the Atlantians were Gods, even during their lifetime regarded as the gods. Majestic complex in Giza Plateau is devoted to victims of Apocalypse. Survived Atlantians before assimilation could build many temples and pyramids all around the Earth after Apocalypse as well. The stones of these buildings mainly have been dismantled long ago to build other constructions.

      We have the conclusive evidence, an amazing scientific research about detonator force, of the last Apocalypse. Scientist were thinking, they found track of supernova explosion on the Earth. In reality they found huge track of huge nuclear catastrophe ~12500 years ago (10465B.C.). Thus scientific dissidents have an amazing proof about destruction of the previous cycle of civilization. Powerful nuclear explosion as a huge detonator force produced last Apocalypse. Powerful nuclear explosion broke the balance between the powerful tectonic (pressure) forces around the solid mantle layers and produced last bloody extinction boundary - Apocalypse.
       Thrice greatest Hermes sent to us sublime message, so we do not repeat the mistakes of the ancients, but we came up with thousands of primitive tales about the complex and Atlantis. Here is an encrypted, only a single key, the grand truth about the terrible bloody alpha-omega boundary, better known as -"Causeway " which in plain language means bloody alpha-omega way. Alpha -- beginning; Omega -- end …†††);
     By this way, our cycle of “civilization” will be forgotten, as well as previous cycle of the Atlantians civilization.

        P.S. For decades mainstream scientists have the Ostrich position against magnificent discoveries. They do not want to see beyond the old teaching – “beyond the sand”. Teaching old false is fully acceptable for the mainstreamers. You can help young generation and many others. Publishing «Forbidden real histories» in the other mass media, you will protect mind of many people from false attack by mainstreamers.
       For decades we have no financial support by government and absolutely ignorance and boycott by mainstream science. Hypocrisy, arrogance, pride, anger, indignation have no limits by counterfeiters of sciences in relation to the dissidents.
          We are working for mankind to explain truth. Our favorite information about Forbidden True History and Magnificent Discoveries on Atlantis you can find in the links for free.

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