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12. Giant Humans and the Secrets of Evolution

12. Giant Humans and the Secrets of Evolution

      After much researching of Aryan sources, I've got very interesting results about the evolution of humanoids. At the peak of the Aryan era of phenomenal scientific and technological achievements 12,500 years ago, the Aryan race had tremendous knowledge on life evolution laws. Aryans knew that evolution is continuing from the dwarf to the large and giant species. Well developing being in each environment can become leader of evolution in own environment. These beings transformed into terrible predators and could reach enormous sizes. In the aquatic environment among dwarf fishes about 150 million years ago, small sharks, in the struggle for survival, have become leaders of evolution. They vary among the first fishes changed the feeding resources of algae on their own kind. As a result, they have become the formidable predators of the seas and oceans. Huge Megalodon shark reached a length of ~12 ÷ 25 meters and a weight of 25÷65 tons. The smallest of the modern dwarf shark species, reaching just 26.5 cm. Some modern smaller sharks are the exact copy of the extinct Megalodon. This proves that the main law of evolution - from the dwarfs to the giant creatures is truth. Fighting for survival dwarf can change size and proportion of the entire body with changing feeding resources and environment. Shape and proportions of the body almost unchanged, unless changes feeding resources and environment. Major mutations and changes in body shape and proportions can be occurred during the dwarf stage of evolution. Fighting for the survival, dwarf creature constantly have to change own traditional environment, with changing climatic zones. After each apocalypse and continental drifting every 7÷13 thousand years, all survived species can appear in the different climatic zones. After each apocalyptic event survived large creatures of the terrestrial fauna, have to leave unwanted climatic zone, or die out before their herds could do that. Dwarf creatures for the survival have to adapt to new climatic conditions, in searching for new non-traditional feeding resources. New non-adapted food for the dwarf body and indecent living area changes skin color, skull, including structure of the teeth, shape of the head, legs and body proportions.
        Leaders of evolution among dwarf reptiles became small lizards, that began to eat meat other dwarf lizards. They vary among the first smaller reptiles changed feeding resources of grass on their own kind. As a result of their evolutionary struggle for survival, through tens of millions of years could create a huge carnivorous predator - Tyrannosaurs. The dominance of tyrannosaurs on earth 1,728,000 years ago ended with the onset of the huge mammals Devies and Gigantopithecus.

         a) The sequence of the evolution of the human species. Copies miraculously survived sheet from Aryan scientific treatise  1. Dwarfs - 15÷20cm.  2. antediluvian Aborigines ~ 1.5m.  3. Aryan race ~2.5÷3 m. 4. Devies up to 12÷18m.: Into the oldest Latin-Aryan language: Devia - female Devy, Devio - male Devy;  Modern word Devil - fully interrelated to these pre-flood terrible carnivorous predators. Modern humanity is assimilated generation of the 2.5÷3m tall Aryan race (3) and antediluvian primitive - 1.5m. tall aborigines (2).

b) Specific findings of human skeletons, which escaped censorship by Darwinists as well as Kings of sciences. Maximum growth of a Devy ~36 feet - (10.97m. 36x30,48=10.97m.). Irrefutable proof on 18 meter tall skeleton you can find in my book (paperback only) on Amazon.com – “The Forgotten Nuclear World War near the Post-Flood Boundary”. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1484147219

      1. 12 500 years ago, Aryan scientists knew that the first populations of the humanoid dwarfs on the planet of huge reptiles appeared ~ 4.32 million years ago. During the ~ 432,000 years their maximum height reached ~15÷20 centimeters. The first era of evolution on the planet of dinosaurs lasted for humanoid dwarfs ~ 432,000 years.

        2. After another Apocalypse among these humanoid dwarfs population stands out more developed wiser dwarfs. Due to their mental benefits, they have left forever underground holes and began to gain weight more quickly and growth as well. During the ~864,000 years of evolution, they became 1,5 tall humans and adapted warm climatic zones over the all continents. They occupied feeding niches of many small reptiles. Thus at the end of the second evolution period 1.5.m tall human beings, became most intelligent creatures among the mammals. These 1.5.m tall human beings have created large populations over the all continents.

        3. According the Aryan forbidden scientific doctrine, third evolution epoch on the dinosaur’s planet, for the much developed 1.5.m tall human beings was continuing ~ 1,286,000 years. Large reptiles were unable to develop physical fitness. They became in the food chain, for the rapidly developing species – Devies. Fighting for the survival, second species of humans created early ~2.5 tall Aryans. Early developed Aryan race and less developed 1.5m tall human beings became part of feeding chain for the Devies. Thus an important genetic line, for the modern mankind, during the ~1,296,000 years, has created ~2.5m tall early Aryan race.

       4. 12,500 years ago, Aryan scientists knew that ~1,728,000 years ago began so called golden age. It means domination of the largest carnivorous predator humans on the Earth. Crown and the leader of the evolution of mammals by their physical conditions, became huge Devies. Their maximal evolutionary growth, during the ~1,728,000 years reached up to 12÷18 meters. They exterminated all biggest dinosaurs and then began to hunt for smaller ones - including smaller mammals. All less developed humans and other mammals, became feeding chain for the 12÷18m tall Devies and ~8m tall Gigantopithecusses. For ~1,728,000 years Devies and Gigantopithecusses exterminated all slow-moving reptiles. During the ~1,728,000 years, evolutions of Devies have created different populations of huge humanoid species up to 8, 12 and 18 meters. Near the pre-flood boundary, Aryan race invented many powerful metal weapons. 2.5÷3m tall Aryans could exterminate all species of Devies and Gigantopithecusses completely. Devies went extinct and Aryans could continue – “Golden Age”.

        Of course the word - devil comes from these terrible cannibals - Devies. Their name into Sanskrit is very interesting – [krovoyed] (blood drinker). Exterminating all large dinosaurs and other creatures, they appeared on the verge of death. Huge body weight did not allow them to catch small fast reptiles and mammals. Devies continued fighting for the survivability and switched their lifestyle. They became night-hunters and began to attack the sleeping reptiles and mammals including human race (2, 3). In mythology images of devies became character of a Satan. Satan in mythology usually attacks at night.

        Thus according the Aryan scientific doctrine in evolutionary branches of humans, we can not find any specie of monkeys. Some population of dwarf human species became the leaders of evolution among dwarf mammals ~4.32 million years ago. Evolutionary chain in a terrible struggle for survival during the ~ 4.32 million years formed even 18 m tall largest terrible carnivorous predators – Giant human species of Devies.

       Evolution of monkeys had their separate evolutionary chain, from the dwarf monkeys to the giant-pithecusses up to 8m tall ... In this evolutionary chain takes own rightful place Neandertal-pithecus and Australopithecus as well. Unfortunately for the Darwinists Neandertal-pithecus and Australopithecus are the ancestors of all modern humans ... :))). Word - Pithec is associated with the ancient Aryan language and means a monkey.

        As an additional evidence I want to remind sad fate of mammoths to prove main law of evolution - "From the dwarf to giant creature". Elephant and Mammoth - two large creatures of the same genetic line. There are findings about the dwarf elephant skeletons as well as dwarf mammoth skeletons. Recent dwarf mammoths went extinct few centuries ago and dwarf elephants several thousand years ago. Mammoths have been adapted to the northern climatic zones nearby N40 and N50. Thick fur allowed them to live not so very cold frosts of valleys and forests. On Summers, Mammoths were feeding by herbs, fruits and flowers including tropical gladiolus. Within some modern areas of the north Asia, have been found many frozen bodies of mammoths with undigested tropical gladiolus. Before the global Flood (10,465 B.C.) herds of mammoths could live nearby N40O. These areas were under influence of tropical winds as well. North Pole was located within northern Greenland. After the apocalypse in 10,465 BC, due to continental drifting, huge areas with herds of mammoths appeared into the polar zone of northern Asia, or nearby it. Huge mammoths certainly could not adapt to the harsh conditions of cold and did not have time to leave the cold areas of deaths. Their frozen bodies are in finding still within the north Asia. Survived mammoths within more southern latitudes have been exterminated by hungry people. We have exterminated many species of fauna all over the Earth, over the last millenniums.

          Some modern types of large fauna have their dwarf species. Giant tortoises from the Easter Island have many types of dwarf tortoises. The Tigers also have hectic dwarf species and these little cats are well adapted to live in our cities. There are also dwarf pigs, dwarf monkeys... etc.

          Thus the evolution of these small species over millions of years has not significantly changed their body shape. Species that could capture new feeding niche have to displace or fully destroyed the already adapted species. According to the law of evolution, they have been in growing without changing their shape and proportions.

          Harris P. Mosher (b) lectured at Harvard Medical School in 1929. Giant skull of a Devy was found in the 1890s. While Darwinism became dominant, the students at Harvard Medical School knew that in the world when that somewhere in ancient times lived giant humans. Now a plaster copy of the original (a; c) announced as the artificial skull and all information about the enormous human predators - Devies is classified. Archaeologists traditionally could close excavating after finding skeletons of giants – Devies. Archaeologists can destroy all giant bones or fall into the bins and basements of museums and institutions, away from prying eyes. Skull (a; c) is really an artificial copy of the original (b), which is stored in one of basements on the territory of Harvard. On the original (b) we see the opening of the skull, which connects the auditory nerve to the brain and the ear. On the fake skull (a; c) of a Devy this natural part has too different forms including different arc of bone. Third picture (c) shows the probable creators of artificial fake: David S. Jones (left) and Dominic Hall (right). Fake chin (c) has a very acute angle by comparison to the original (b). On bogus also is missing some small parts and defects of the original. To discredit me and my friends, Kings of sciences allowed to show in the internet a fake skull made by plaster. Thus lots of false degrees from fake Darwinism and Kings of sciences from National Academy of Sciences are in trying to prolong false scientific epoch. Huge scandal is approaching in the scientific world that will explode fake era in the official science.
        We will have known that Kings of sciences have made many falsifications in the Internet by using their servants.

        Kings of sciences can order any falsification. This photo-composition shows what happened to the original skull of Cyclops (1) on the image. Kings of science become wild and furious when in the Internet appeared real evidence on Cyclops. We have known that in mythology is described many historical events. For the official science mythology is a fantasy of primitive ancestors. In reality in mythology we can find many true events.
           Due to the dreamer-falsifier - Michael Cremo (c), alternative investigators are drowning in a sea of ​​hypotheses. Aryan large-caliber bullets (b) which were found in South Africa, dated by unbelievable fake age around 2.8 billion years ... :))). Yes this is the age of the geological layer but, it does not mean that these bullets were made 2.8 billion years ago. Bullets of the last two world wars could get stuck in the oldest geological deposits. Age of deposits could be more than a billion year. It says nothing about the last century bullets, which could made over the last hundred years. I just want to note that large-caliber weapons made by Aryans for these bullets, now safely hidden in the Agartha Patala mazes - in Tibet. large-caliber bullet Aryans could use for hunting on Devies, Gigantopithecusses, elephants, mammoths, bisons... etc. Here's a simple explanation for the fake discoveries, made by famous falsifier - Michael Cremo (c).
       Fake dating made by M. Cremo, serious scientists perceive with light humor. This does not prevent to spread lies of M. Cremo, through a very popular media and to create chaos in alternative investigations. Thus alternative investigators are drowning in a sea of ​​hypotheses and no one found the right path still.
       We have irrefutable proof that the developing races of humans could live in the era of the dinosaurs (a). It does not mean that the man existed in what is called the Cretaceous era - 66÷145 million years ago. Because of the erosion is impossible to determine exactly who left the trail up to two feet (~55 cm). Of course this is an ancient trail of a Devy or Gigantopithecus.  ~5m tall giant creature (Devy or Gigantopithecus) had flat feet and lived in epoch of dinosaurs. My knowledge allows me the right to make more realistic estimate for the geological layer age, of 100 000 years to 1.5 million years. By just imagine the difference of so called Cretaceous age - 66÷145 million years and more real age - 0.1÷1.5 million years. I want to note an interesting fact. So called Cretaceous sediments are found often on the debris of ancient pottery in the deep layers. No serious researcher has ever claimed that these objects were made by humans in the Cretaceous era 66÷145 million years ago. Usually dating for the similar cultural layers is thousands of years only. This means that the so called Cretaceous layers may have few thousand years only. Another example is the remains of reptiles. Official pseudoscience without any examination dates by false Cretaceous period - 66÷145 million years old. There is no need to spend lots of money for the dating.  Official pseudoscience has known when the dinosaurs lived ... :))).
         With regard to the findings in the California mines and elsewhere, they also have a reasonable explanation. We now know for sure that the antediluvian civilization engaged in mines to make metal concentrates in a shaft as well as in opened quarries. Aryans liked to mine particularly rare and precious metals and concentrates including precious stones.   For 12,500 years, numerous earthquakes and associated erosion damaged many Aryan geological objects. In each destroyed Aryan shaft with age of geological layers around, hundreds of millions of years, we can find man-made things. Of course this does not mean that people lived on the Earth, hundreds of millions years ago.
           Intellectual traps and snares made by Mister “scientist” Cremo, is very difficult obstacle to the truth, for the alternative investigators. Lighthouse is turn on for the alternative investigators and their ships, to choose the right way to the nearest shore, from the sea of false hypotheses. I hope that our friends will choose the right path. Approaching the nearest shore they not fall into the intellectual traps made by falsifier M. Cremo.

"The Forgotten Nuclear War Near The Post Flood boundary ~10400-10350b.c."

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