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8. Where disappeared Pre-flood island Thule (Tile)

Where Disappeared 
the Pre-flood Island Thule ("TILE")?

Thule [ˈθjuːliː] Greek:Θούλη,Thoúlē), also spelled Thula, Thila, or Thyïlea, is, in classical  European literature and maps, a region in the far north.:
Pre-flood Archipelago "TILE" for the 8÷10ft tall Holy Aryan Race
Late classical writers and post-classical writers such as Orosius (384÷420 A.D) and the Irish monk Dicuil (late 8th and early 9th century), describe Thule as being North and West of both Ireland and Britain. Dicuil described Thule as being beyond islands that seem to be the Faroes, strongly suggesting Iceland. 

    The Thule Gesellschaft name originated from pre-flod island Tile, a Nordic equivalent of the vanished culture of Atlantis. Legendary Island Tile situated on pre-flood N68÷N69 degrees inside the polar zone.  “A race of giant supermen lived in Thule, linked into the Cosmos through magical powers. They had psychic and technological energies far exceeding the technical achievements of the 20th century. This knowledge was to be put to use to save the Fatherland and create a new race of Nordic Aryan Atlanteans. A new Messiah would come forward to lead the people to this goal.” Here is description on advanced 8÷10ft tall Aryan race and their advanced pre-flood technological development (K.M.)

Pytheas says it "is a six days' sail north of Britain, and is near the frozen sea." Actually we have hint about prer-flood northern polar ocean witin the prer-flood polar zone.

Strabo adds the following in Book II, Chapter 5:
Now Pytheas of Massilia tells us that Thule, the most northerly of the Britannic Islands, is farthest north, and that there the circle of the summer tropic is the same as the Arctic Circle. But from the other writers I learn nothing on the subject—neither that there exists a certain island by the name of Thule, nor whether the northern regions are inhabitable up to the point where the summer tropic becomes the Arctic Circle.

Pliny the Elder published his Natural History in which he also cites Pytheas' claim (in Book II, Chapter 75) that Thule is a six-day sail north of Britain. Then, when discussing the islands around Britain in Book IV, Chapter 16, he writes: "The farthest of all, which are known and spoke of, is Thule; in which there be no nights at all, as we have declared, about mid-summer, namely when the Sun passes through the sign Cancer; and contrariwise no days in mid-winter: and each of these times they suppose, do last six months, all day, or all night."
The 4th century Virgilian commentator Servius also believed that Thule sat close to Orkney:
...Thule; an island in the Ocean between the northern and western zone, beyond Britain, near Orkney and Ireland; in this Thule, when the sun is in Cancer, it is said that there are perpetual days without nights...

At last after 12.5 millenniums Mankind is worth to understand where disappeared Aryan island “TILE”. We are living in the totally falsified scientific epoch. Disappearance of a large island into ocean is fully unacceptable event for the mainstreamers. They are thinking that their total ostrich position can help them to avoid future coming apocalypse.
10 Atlantis’ isles: Poseidia, Pluto, Ammon and 7 smaller isles of Persephone. Prime Meridian of pre-flood world passed over the Poseidia on Mount Meru. Fragment of the pre-flood map with antediluvian grid vividly shows that the pre-flood N68÷N69 degrees passed over the Thule ("TILE") archipelago. In the north side of Greenland is shown pre-flood geo-pole. Red line over the Poseidia is the Prime Meridian for the pre-flood world.

    During the pre-flood epoch whole Earth was the land for the 8÷10ft tall Holy Aryan Race. You see vividly pre-flood 10 Atlantis isles and two legendary Aryan archipelagos: Tile and Fare. On the pre-flood map and on Google maps as well. After the last apocalypse in 10465b.c. small survived peaks of the mountains from the Fare’s (Farre) Archipelago now known as the “Faeroe Islands”

By using good knowledge on the forbidden and forgotten history, I found these two sunken pre-flood Aryan archipelagos very easy. My interest on legendary island Thule ("TILE") originated in investigating “Anhenerbe” archives. Pre-flood maps vividly show that the pre-flood N68÷N69 degrees passed over the Thule ("Tile") archipelago. By using exact knowledge we have to use pre-flood north geographical pole of course to find exact place on modern map, for the sunken Aryan isles. I measured coordinates of legendary “Thule” from pre-flood geo-pole and received exact location over the pre-flood N68÷N69 degrees. Of course These two Aryan archipelago situated inside the pre-flood polar zone: "The farthest of all, which are known and spoke of, is Thule; in which there be no nights at all, as we have declared, about mid-summer, namely when the Sun passes through the sign Cancer; and contrariwise no days in mid-winter" This is the greatest true description and similar event is a usually event over the N68÷N69 degrees nearby polar zone boundary.
      After last Apocalypse in 10465b.c, Thule was sunken in the ocean. In addition this region abandoned polar zone due to apocalyptic drifting in 10465b.c. Thus after the apocalypse none could observe similar polar astronomical events from Thule. In any case ancient pre-flood description about astronomical observations from Thule needs exact explanation. Of course through 12.5 millenniums the text underwent distortion. Sun passed through the sign Cancer in the beginning of winter 12.5 millenniums ago. Rotation axis of Earth had tilt to the Leo. It means that the Earth was orbiting in the epoch of Leo. According the IAU constellation boundaries, for 21 days San passes over the Cancer. A period of Long-lasting nights without days, on pre-flood Thule was in observing from the beginning of winter 12.5 millenniums ago. Restored text by modern astronomical knowledge is that: "The farthest of all, which are known and spoke of, is Thule; in which there be no nights at all, as we have declared, about mid-summer. Respectively when the Earth passes through the sign Cancer in mid-winter contrariwise no days” Thus we could use an ancient source about the approximate epochal dating by Cancer’s constellation. I have no doubt that this text has Aryan origin. Survived Aryans from Tile and Fare dispersed within the Europe. Their survived generation after the nuclear war and total extermination of the 8÷10ft tall Aryans, have been assimilated in the less developed - 5ft tall aboriginal gene-fund. Bland Europeans have high percent of Aryan genes including Aryan genes from Tile and Fare of course.
  K. Margiani.
-Egyptologist and Atlantologist.
-Founder of Cosmogeological science.
-First Expert in the World on Atlantis.
-Expert of Pre-dynastic Cartouches.
-Founder of New Egyptology 
-Expert of Forbidden and Forgotten Hystory

"The Forgotten Nuclear War Near The Post Flood boundary ~10400-10350b.c."

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