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9. From the Dwarf to the Gigantic Creature...

Main Law for the Life Evolution -
From the Dwarfs to the Gigantic Creatures…

       Aryans divided fauna of Earth into two main groups: ethereal beings and aquatic beings... Breathing mechanism of ethereal beings is adapted to use oxygen in the atmosphere. Aquatic creatures can use oxygen from aquatic environment. Life originated within the both environments separately and developed independently of each other. Aryan knowledge scattered in different cultures and modern scientific achievements leads only to a single correct conclusion. The evolution of life on Earth has its major irrefutable pattern. Living organisms, which take possession advantage in the course of evolution, have become much developed creatures of fauna. These leading species underwent evolution from dwarf forms to giant carnivorous creatures. Phrase "From the dwarf to the giant" originated from the ancient Aryan doctrine. In these words is encrypted such unique and versatile wisdom that allows us to use the sentence in a different meaning, and in the different concepts.
           Evolution of the life forms on Earth gives the main axiom of gigantism. Some advanced forms in each environment create formidable predators and they can grow to enormous sizes. Among the reptiles species, largest growth had most formidable predator - Tyrannosaurus. In the aquatic environment to the last apocalypse, dominated most formidable marine predators - Megalodons. In the beginning of evolution dwarf sharks have become leaders in the developing aquatic fauna.  For millions of years advanced species of sharks evolved into huge Megalodons - terrible carnivorous predators. Megalodons became most formidable marine predators. On the continent, until last apocalypse dominated huge mammal-predators Devils and Giganto-Pithecus. I want to recommend English-speaking world to use old Aryan name - "DEVY", for these terrible blood-drinkers. This is necessary to choose the mythological name and real extincted creature of Fauna. Actually extinction of huge reptiles are interrelated to these formidable mammal-predators. Each giant formidable predator had own different small and dwarf species. Of course Tyrannosaurus also had their small and dwarf species but more about that later ...

           It should be noted that all of these giants have ceased evolution. Reserves for the feeding chain on the Earth have their limits and life has development laws for the survival.
Here is a schematic representation of the main predator and crown for the aquatic evolution - formidable shark Megalodon. Megalodon was one of the biggest and most powerful predator in the history of aquatic vertebrates. The skeleton remains show irrefutable proof that these sharks were of huge sizes of ~12÷25 meters and weight ~25÷65 tons. Megalodon was one of the largest predators in the history of the Earth. There are many species of small sharks. Some of them are almost the exact smaller copy of Megalodon. Most little known species of sharks, reaching just - 26.5 cm.
        Thus evolution of Megalodon shows that the main law for the life evolution "from the dwarf to the Gigantic creature" – is the absolute truth.
       Among the eternal creatures natural kings of Fauna became two species of mammals: huge cannibal from the class of humanoids - DEVY ("Devils" 10÷18m. tall) and second formidable mammal-predator Giganto-pithecus (7÷8m. tall).:
          Irrefutable proof on 18 meter tall skeleton of a Devy, you can find in my book (paperback only) on Amazon.com – “The Forgotten Nuclear World War near the Post-Flood Boundary”.http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1484147219
      Who is interested in Giant Humans often can find in the Internet these pictures but many of them do not pay any attention. Because of false old teaching we "know" that our ancestors were primitive, and they came up to similar fantasies ... :))). There are no fantasies ... :)))! Our great ancestors 12,500 years ago were the rulers of the whole earth, scientists and researchers, pilots of supersonic vehicles: Universal crafts for the three environments (Tripura Vimana), Delta-wing aircrafts and spacecrafts… They discovered a huge number of laws in various sectors of the Aryan scientific fields and achieved tremendous success. 
        The left image represents five main antediluvian human species, almost accurately conveys the ancient Aryan knowledge and teaching. It just blows whole Darwinism and of course even our "Great Minds" did not paying attention. I have no suspect that this image is a primitive survived copy from the ancient Aryan scientific book on Biæ-Logia (Word on Biota).:

         1. Devy - "Devils": These huge human-like beings were formidable predators and cannibals of course. They reached in growth up to 10÷18 meters. These data are based on ancient sources and specific findings of huge skeletons. They had huge feet and could make a foot-trail - 1.5 m; long. One of them on the island of Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) is not available to ordinary mortals and the second track has free access in the Internet. Of course there is a possibility and the fact that both are fakes. For millenniums water and wind erosion could distort original forms of course. The final answer should give future independent research. Ostrich position of official science will not solve this problem. Small human gene-fund for the huge Devies ("Devils") was just feeding source, but clue for their huge height is hidden in other feeding sources. They could reach such proportions, by using high-calorie meat of dinosaurs. This figure drawing of five indigenous humans’ species is a copy from unknown ancient Aryan scientific treatise. Maximum height of Devies by ancient findings up to 36ft.: → (10.97m. [36x30,48 = 10.97m.]). In the Tibetan culture they are known as a Mahakala (MAH [mʌŋh] – Soul; AKA-???; LA → land; area; space;). In the India and Indochina peninsula their names sounds as Rakshasa and Rakshasi. Rakshasas are also called man-eaters [Nri-chakshas, Kravyads → (blood-drinkers)]. A female rakshasa is called a Rakshasi, and a female Rakshasa in human form is a Manushya-Rakshasi. In China their name sounds as “Chaou-Tie”. Caucasus’ Iberians called to this real blood-drinker as a Devy [devi]. Caucasus Iberians were early assimilated generation of Aryans, from Noah’s genetic branch – R1b; Y-DNA. This assimilation happened after the terrible Aquarius global deluge (23,214 b.c.). Actually Caucasus’ Iberian used a short Aryan name – “Devy” for these terrible blood-drinkers…
        2. Aryans: Aryans had normal height ~2.5÷2.6 m, but the some of them could reach a height up to 3 meters. They were the crown of the human race in mental data and achieved tremendous technical and technological successes. A huge attraction to wealth and power as a set of human weaknesses played a cruel joke on them. Their world power completely destroyed epochal fatal error - the destruction of the asteroidal moon – “Fata”. Ignorance of fundamental laws of the Geology was completed by terrible Apocalypse. Surviving Titans and their descendants could not divide a vast planetary areas and the power as well. Eventually they created two hostile military groups: “Orion” and “Dragon”. “Orion”  was military group of the 8-10ft; tall Aryans. “Dragon” was created mainly by assimilated generation, who hated the Aryan race and their dominant power in the world. Dragon made nuclear conspiracy against "Orion". The nuclear conspiracy finished by terrible nuclear war and global extermination of the Aryans near the post-flood boundary in ~10350b.c. This is explained in detail in my phenomenal kindle book: - "The Forgotten Nuclear War Near The Post Flood boundary ~10400-10350b.c." 
        3. Assimilated generation: This is modern humanity in which Aryan Gene-fund distributed from a few percent to 70÷80 percent. Aryan’s most developed Gene-fund R1a; Y-DNA and R1b; Y-DNA is distributed in the all nations, all over the Earth. Unfortunately modern mankind has insignificant percent from the Aryan females’ gene-fund.  Each Aryan Y-DNA needs appropriate Aryan Mt-DNA to create 8÷10ft; tall giants. Caucasians have the highest concentration of these Aryan Y-DNA genes while the Aryan female genes have insignificant ratio. White race has natural Caucasus origin from Aryan patriarch M-17, after Aquarius apocalyptic boundary (23214b.c.) and in their name - “Caucasians” is hidden greatest truth. Aryans considered themselves as a race of all areas, from the tropics to the polar zones. “Area-An” into Aryan language meant – “All area”. Basic formation of the Aryans as a white race has occurred in the northern latitudes. Therefore, modern assimilated race of Caucasians inherited from Aryans white body as well.
        4. Antediluvian Aborigines: I chose this name as a best option for a fourth gene-fund. The main thing is that the source of our attention has antediluvian roots and tightly linked to the Aryan scientific doctrine. Their maximum height was 1.5m; like a modern Pygmy - of 1.44m. to 1.50m. Aryans recalcitrant aborigines could exterminate without problems. Docile and more intelligent aborigines usually accepted Aryans as the Gods. Aryans taught them various agricultural workings and used their new knowledge in the Aryan farms and farmlands. The global grid of the Aryan farms has created a huge amount of assimilated generation of children born out of wedlock between Aryan ruler-males and aboriginal females. Here is the clue of origin assimilated generation all over the world and their genetic secrets.
         5. Dwarfs: Dwarfs for the official science is absolutely unacceptable, but the ancient Aryan scientific doctrine considered them as the fifth human species. There are two most famous irrefutable proofs of their existence: The Kyshtym Dwarf Human and the Atacama dwarf human. The Kyshtym Dwarf Human – Alexis, was found within Chelyabinsk area of Russia in 1997.  Due to ostrich position by mainstream science, mummy of Alexis appeared as a decoration of occultists’ rituals. ~20cm; tall Alexis and ~15cm; tall his distant relative from Chile are irrefutable proofs against false Darwinism. Both dwarf humans have been declared as the aliens from other worlds ... :))). In addition Dwarf Human from Atacama was declared as a premature baby ... :))). Of course Darwinists want to save their fake scientific epoch and earn huge money by “Researches” written for the money.  Our false "Great Minds" are capable to write any falsification for the money and this is already proved by their falsifications that produced well-known - “Global Warming Scandal”.  They can write any false rejuvenated date under the Aryan artifact in their “researches” and remove all unacceptable data for the – Scientific kings…:))) 
1. "Bloody fighting to Giganto-pithecus" - the picture has primitive graphics but clearly had the ancient quality original, which could draw an Aryan eyewitness. 2. Some fine painters have creative flair to create the most plausible picture. 3. Dwarf collect of Giganto-pithecus.

       According the Aryan historical sources saved in the post-flood metropolis of India and some archaeological findings, maximal height of a giant monkey Giganto-pithecus was 7÷8m. Extinct Giganto-pithecus has very distant relatives by dwarf monkeys. Giganto-pithecus has a forbidden relative as well. This is famous ground-breaking finding for the Darwinism. Body of frozen Neanderthal-pithecus was found by chance in glacier. For decades Darwinists announced this Monkey as one of the Ape species. This natural monkey in the scientific community was known as a Neanderthal-man. Darwinists created lots of painting from this monkey as man-like being. You can googling Neanderthal-man to see lots of false images by Darwinists.
         In reality so called Neanderthal-man was natural monkey Neanderthal-pithecus. Thus in the world never existed Apes. This term is coined by Darwinists to justify and save their false teaching and fake scientific epoch. DNA test of the Neanderthal-pithecus has already proved forever that they were natural monkeys. In future we will understand when the main genetic branch of a monkey was divided between Neanderthal-pithecusses and Giganto-pithecusses.
      - Thus evolution of Devies and Giganto-pithecusses show that the main law of evolution – “from the dwarf to the gigantic creature” is the truth, without any suspect.
1. ~5ft long trail of a Devy. 2. Fragment from antediluvian Aryan map that clearly shows two human races. 3. Antediluvian Aryan map.

        The first figure maybe is made by this man himself to become famous, but a Huge most developed Devy had similar ~5ft long trail. This is published for the understanding on proportions only. The next image represents antediluvian region Patagonia. "PATA - Goniæ" meant in the Aryan language "Divine Genies". Aryan word on the map is written in the accusative grammatical form - "Patagones". In nominative form of Aryan language would be - "Patagoniæ". “TIERRA DE PATA-GONES” on the Aryan map means “Land of LORD-Genes”. For decades mainstreamers could not show any agreement about these Aryan words and their real meaning. True knowledge of antediluvian history gives the right me to discuss about the real Aryan height as well as aborigines. An ancient Aryan map-maker or painter knew the exact proportions and perhaps even drawing from nature. In any case map-maker could immortalize them from the original picture or nature in the graphic style on the map. In our false scientific epoch, we know exactly maximal height of less developed aboriginal gene-fund - 1.5m, which only reaches to the waist of the Aryans. By using good knowledge on pre-flood history, we can calculate growth of Aryan hunters - 2.5÷2.6m.
1. Skull of a Devy.  Harris P. Mosher (1) lectured at Harvard Medical School in 1929 by using real skull of a Devy. Its proportion to human’s body is exact. Suspicion comes from absence of canines. Perhaps still is kept in a basement, at Harvard Medical School, away from prying eyes. It is also possible that the some missing teeth are produced artificially.
2. A man in front of the huge feet under the Devy. Maybe we have creative flair of a painter or is copied from an ancient Aryan original.

          After such review, to show irrefutable proofs and forbidden secrets on evolution, I must say the main thing. Research for decades; allow me to tell you the most approximate to the reality version (theory) about the real origin of man. Actually Darwinism underwent intellectual explosion but false kings of sciences are continuing support. They have no problem to spend Billions of dollars on false Darwinism and other false scientific fairy-tales. At last politicians and tax payers will ask them, why the Big Brother is spending uncountable money for the false scientific fairy-tales…???
         Real evolution of a man happened from a dwarf human being of course. About 5 million years ago. The Earth was a planet of giant reptiles – dinosaurs by this time. Among the developing dwarf mammals evolved a strange creature that has made tremendous strides in the fight for survival. Of course the huge dinosaurs even did not pay any attention on these dwarfs, but they had a huge number of enemies among smaller reptiles. I've chosen an interesting name for this dwarf being - "a wiser dwarf". Wiser dwarf studied to detect the source of danger in advance and adequately could choose the right place for salvation, according to the source of deadly danger. Wiser dwarf could study to analyze future fatal event. He studied to analyze information instantaneously in the brain. Wiser dwarf could choose right place for the salvation from all species of the small reptiles. Wiser dwarf studied to save own life on the trees, into the water and in the burrows.  Wiser dwarf became a universal living being, which could live in the many places on the Dinosaurs’ Planet. The different small and smaller reptiles could hunt on the trees, underwater and in burrows as well. Wiser dwarf preferred to live on the ground. If the grass was too high, the advanced dwarf often raised on two legs to fix the future danger. So wiser dwarf studied to straighten the spine and could move quickly on two legs.
        1. The dwarf could not live for a long time on the trees. Some trees produce fruit only briefly. The Dwarf climbed on the trees without problems for the feeding as well as salvation...
        2. The dwarf could not live for a long time in the water area. Wiser dwarf studied to catch small fishes nearby the coasts but could not swimming quickly and faster aquatic reptiles could catch...
       3. The dwarf could not live for a long time in burrows. Hidden dwarf in the burrow can often meet some small reptiles here – hunters on small mammals...
        Wiser dwarf could study mentally to fight for survival, preferred to live in nature, using his agility and intelligence. As time went on ...  every 7,000÷13,000 year periodical global geological apocalypses attacked on biota. Drifting continents could change climatic zones rapidly. Some dwarf mammals have studied to live and survive on the trees. Fickle and bad feeding on the trees could not create large creatures from them but a squirrel could do.
       During the cold and dry seasons, some species of the hungry wiser dwarfs could study group hunting on small reptiles. They became much developing successful mammals and quickly gained height and weight. They have become omnivores. These dwarfs - human like species could eat fishes, fruits and their groups could attack small reptiles. Mental mechanism for survival was interrelated to rapid evolution of their brains’ volumes by comparison bodies. Of course their skull increased proportionally as well. They become most successful developing mammals on the Earth. Large skull clearly singled them among other mammals, and in fact they became small human-like species. They studied rapid running on two legs and feeding in all available environments. After each periodical apocalyptic continental drifting, in each 7000-13000 years, some regions approaching near the Polar Regions. For the survivability their descendants should live in the burrows for thousands of years. The water was very cold and the trees could not grow. They have no choose and burrows were only place to save generations on scant food with long lasting hungry periods sometimes. Some these dwarf human-like species survived and are living in the burrows still. They created a dwarf forms of human-like beings.
         Some human-like species, after apocalyptic continental drifting were evolving in the very favorable conditions. By using their advanced mental performance, they have made huge strides, against more foolish and maunder reptiles. These human-like species evolved rapidly in weight and growth and hunted on larger and larger reptiles. They eventually evolved into huge human-like predators – ~10÷18m tall Devies.
       Some human-like species whose development was prevented within the northern latitudes could abandon burrows forever. Their living areas after rapid apocalyptic continental drifting appeared in the very favorable climatic conditions. These human-like species adapted to the new conditions of life and evolved as the races of the modern humans. These human-like dwarfs started developing successfully in the Africa and eventually captured whole earth... The most successful became 8-10ft; tall Aryan race. Successful development of the Aryans produced global extinction event of Devies, Giganto-pithecusses, large reptiles and many other carnivorous predators. Of course extinction events for the many species are interrelated to periodical geological apocalypses as well.

 K. Margiani.
-Egyptologist and Atlantologist.
-Founder of Cosmogeological science.
-First Expert in the World on Atlantis.
-Expert of Pre-dynastic Cartouches.
-Founder of New Egyptology 

-Expert of Forbidden and Forgotten Hystory

"The Forgotten Nuclear War Near The Post Flood boundary ~10400-10350b.c."

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